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The smarter solution for commercial scale tile de-lamination

Commercial Projects

Barefoot Floors' tile injection system provides a cost effective, long-lasting solution for restoring de-laminated tiles on a larger, commercial scale.

Whether you have de-lamination throughout an entire residential building, a large commercial complex or even just multiple repairs across different locations, Barefoot Floors can help. Barefoot Floors provide a seamless, no-fuss solution that can save you the headache of re-tiling on a large scale.

Tile Injection is the smarter solution for drummy or tenting  tiles

Body Corporate Repairs

Are you having issues with loose, tenting or drummy tiles in your building? Barefoot Floors has 9 years of experience working with Body Corporate to fix the problem with minimal fuss.

Leasing a Home
Insurance Claims & Rental Properties

 Are you an insurance provider that comes across drummy or loose tiles as part of insurance claims? Find the most effective solution to save you and your clients!

Modern Building
Apartments & Commercial Projects

Are you experiencing tile de-lamination throughout widespread areas of an apartment building or commercial building? Barefoot Floors is your answer!

How can we help?

Case Study: Aqua Vista Apartments

Barefoot Floors inspected the apartments at 'Aqua Vista' in QLD's Sunshine Coast in November 2018, and found that a large number of the apartments showed signs of de-lamination. Tiles were tenting off the floor, and a large area of tiles in most apartments showed the tell-tale hollow sound of a tile that had de-laminated from the substrate.

It was found upon inspection that the tiles had been placed under immense pressure due to a number of factors including shifts in the building structure and a lack of expansion lines placed throughout the floor to protect from pressure build-ups.

Barefoot Floors provided a full inspection and quote to repair the tiles in each of the apartments affected. Barefoot Floors worked directly with Building Manager Edwin Brak, who arranged for entry to each apartment to complete the restoration.


Barefoot Floors can cover up to 20sqm of floor area in a day, meaning that many apartments had their entire floors restored within less than 24 hours!

Barefoot Floors can provide a detailed inspection report and free quotation for all Commercial projects. Our expert team will travel to your location and complete a full diagnosis of the issues present at the property, providing a detailed analysis of any repairs required. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the works completed. 

Once a quotation is provided and approved, our team can begin work on restoring all de-laminated tiles, until all areas are rectified and safeguarded against future de-lamination.

Each commercial project will receive a full floor plan showing any works completed and a warranty to cover all works completed for up to 7 years.

How does the process work?

This video shows the under tile adhesive making it's way underneath a drummy tile. The adhesive is pumped under at low pressure to re-bond the tile to the substrate.

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Barefoot Floors services and operates in many locations, including the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Mackay, Brisbane, Wide Bay and Rockhampton.

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