Tile Injection-Insurance & Real Estate

The easy way to repair drummy, loose or tenting tiles when claimed through insurance.

No-one expects their tiles to 'let-go'. Barefoot Floors removes the headache of tile repairs for Insurance providers and Real estate agencies.

When tiles become drummy or begin to 'tent', often the first reaction is disbelief- Why has this happened? How can I fix it? How much is this going to COST me!?

Often tile repair can be claimed through insurance, especially if it is clear that the de-lamination has occurred due to improper installation.

Real Estate agents come across the issue with tenants requiring repairs to fix their drummy tiles, and that cost can often be passed on to the owner. When this happens it is comforting to know a cost effective, hassle free solution is out there.

Why is this happening?

There are many reasons that your tiles may be de-laminating. Often it can be traced back to 'bad luck', with external factors such as time, weather or shifts in the building structure causing the tiles to let go under the immense pressure they are placed under.

What is the process for getting them fixed and how does it benefit us?

Barefoot Floors can provide a full inspection and detailed report for any Real Estate agent or Insurance agency that requires an expert opinion to verify the issue. Barefoot Floors can then have the damaged tiles repaired as quickly as possible, without any extended delays, mess, hassle or exorbitant cost. This can save headaches for the tenant as they will not have to leave their home whilst repairs are done, and will save significant cost to the insurance agency or owner, who can have the issue fixed in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

How do I know it will last?

Tile injection is backed by a 7 year warranty on all injection completed. Barefoot Floors are also the only agency that installs expansion lines to help prevent further de-lamination, by giving existing tiles room to move and shift under the pressure caused by the above factors.


So why is tile injection the answer?

When dealing with such large scale commercial de-lamination, your options are limited. Either rip up and relay the entire floor or leave the problem to grow and get worse over time.

Ripping up and replacing tiles on such a scale is a huge headache for a number of reasons:

  1. Ripping up and replacing tiles is expensive. It can cost you both in actual trade fees as well as the cost of having to shut down your business or remove tenants for multiple days or weeks whilst the replacing work is completed.

  2. It is a huge disruption. Ripping up tiles and replacing them is messy, noisy and wasteful. You will likely have to shut down your project, remove tenants or cause great annoyance to anyone residing within the building whilst you rip up and replace.

3. You do not know if you are treating the actual problem at the cause Barefoot Floors does not look to just inject and leave. We look to find the REASON that the de-lamination is happening, and we can then go about solving the root of the problem first, to ensure that once your tiles are injected, they stay that way, and no further issues pop up.

Tile Injection allows you to restore your tiles without the need to rip up and re-lay. There is minimal dust, noise and disruption to the tenants, occupants or your building. Anyone residing within that building can go about their daily lives uninterrupted.

Not to mention the cost factor and time factor- Tile Injection is quick, easy and mostly more cost effective than ripping up and replacing tiles on such a massive scale.

Why Choose Tile Injection?
No mess, dust or wastage
Ready to walk on in 2-4 hours
10 year guarantee
No need to leave your home
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