Should I Rip up & replace my drummy tiles?

Should I get my tiles ripped up and re-lay new tiles or should I get my drummy tiles injected? We break down the key differences.

Is it better to rip up & re-lay your drummy tiles or inject them?

When you notice your grout cracking, your tiles starting to sound hollow or your tiles starting to tent & crack, you need to make a decision on whether you rip up the lot and start again, or whether to restore your tiles using tile injection.

We've made a list of the pros and cons of both options to help your decision!

Replacing Tiles



  • New Tiles-A chance to re-design and update your tiled floor with new tiles


  • Time- consuming Ripping up your tiles can be a time consuming activity, and often you will need to leave your home especially if the area to be replaced is large.

 By the time your tiles are removed, the subtrate cleaned and the new tiles laid, it could be days or weeks before your floor is ready!

  • Noisy- Ripping up your tiles often requires the use of a jackhammer to get the tiles off the substrate ready to re-lay. This can cause some real headaches!

  • Dusty- The glue on your substrate will not go quietly! This glue will need to be sanded off or removed using chisels and hammers. This causes tremendous amounts of dust and mess before you are able to re-lay your tiles. 

  • Waste- All removed tiles need to be removed and taken off-site to be disposed of. This not only adds to landfill but also costs money for the council to remove the tiles or for the tiles to be taken to the tip.

Restoring your tiles using tile injection



  • Quick-With tile injection we can cover at least 20 sqm per day, meaning for most houses you can have your tiles restored in the same day. All tiles once injected are ready to walk on in 2-4 hours.

  • Non-Invasive- Tile injection creates no external noise, dust or mess, meaning you can be in your home whilst the injection takes place.  You can stay in your home while the work is carried out.

  • Waste-Free- Tile injection requires no disposal of tiles, materials or excess glue and grout. We simply inject our special adhesive under your tiles until the tile is 'full', then move on to the next tile. Simple!

  • Cost Efficient- Tile injection allows us to only treat the areas that are actually drummy or damaged. No need to rip up the whole floor just because some of your floor has let go. This can save you huge costs when weighing up against re-tiling. Our system is designed to prevent further damage, meaning you can rest easy knowing that once we have injected, you won't have any further issues with your tiles. All backed by a 7 year guarantee.

Loose, drummy tiles? We can fix that! The easy way

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