The Tile Injection Process

From start to finish- hassle free and cost effective!

Tile Injection is a great alternative to ripping up and re-laying your floor tiles. We can have your loose, drummy or tenting tiles restored to their former glory in just a matter of hours!

But how exactly does it all work? Let's break it down.

Step 1: Diagnosis

In order to identify how many tiles we need to treat using the Barefoot tile injection system, we first need to check for signs of de-lamination. 

Using specialist technology (a golf ball on a stick), Barefoot Floors expert applicators will test the floor to find areas of de-lamination under the tiles. This process involves listening for hollow or 'drummy' sounding tiles, which indicates the tile has delaminated. We will then map out the area that requires treatment and provide a quote on the area to be treated. It is important to treat ALL de-laminated tiles to avoid further spreading.

Watch the video to the right to see how we check for drummy tiles

Step 2: Injection

Once the problem tiles have been identified, it's time to inject. Using a low pressure injection gun and an air compressor, the Barefoot Floors injection mixture is pumped under your tiles, slowly.


This is done through small holes drilled in the grout line, meaning no need to rip up or remove grout-no mess, no fuss!

The adhesive finds its way underneath your tiles, filling all voids that could cause further de-lamination. Your tiles will be good as new!

After we inject, some excess mixture will come up through the holes we drilled in the grout line. This is easy to wipe away, and we will ensure it is cleaned immediately after to ensure no residue is left.

Watch the video to the left to see the tile injection adhesive making its way under the tile.

Step 3: Double Checking

To check that the injection has been a success, using that special golf ball on a stick technology, we check the same tiles again to see if we can spot the telltale 'donk' of a delaminated tile. If the tile sounds solid, the injection has worked and your tiles will be fully restored to a complete and total bond to the substrate.

Golf Ball

Special technology*

Finished product- tile injection

Step 4: Finishing Up

All that's left after injection fill the small holes in the grout line with similarly coloured grout. No one will ever know we've been there!

What about cracked tiles?
If you have any spare tiles to replace cracked tiles with, we can easily lift up and replace the cracked tile- no need to remove the glue underneath-we just inject like any other tile. If you do not have spares, we can always find a tile from a hidden area (under the fridge, behind the couch etc) and swap for the cracked tile.

Good as new!