Tile Injection Services- Residential

The no-mess, no-fuss solution for drummy tiles

Do you have loose, drummy or tenting tiles?

Minimal mess, excess dust or wastage
Ready to walk on in 2-4 hours
7 year guarantee
No need to leave your home

Do you have problems with drummy tiles? Tile Injection is the solution

Tile Injection
'Drummy' Tiles

If your tiles sound hollow or make a 'drummy' sound when stepped on, they are most likely de-laminated. You can test for de-lamination yourself by bouncing a golf ball on each tile to hear for hollow areas.

Tenting or Buckled tiles
Tenting Tiles

Tiles lifting off the floor, or 'tenting' throughout the floor is caused by a build up of pressure under the tiles. When the pressure gets too much, the tiles are left with nowhere to go, and they 'pop' or 'explode' off the floor!

Cracked floor tile grout
Cracked Grout

Grout coming loose can be a symptom of shifting tiles and increased pressure. If your grout is crumbling or coming out of the grout lines around your floor tiles, it may mean your tiles are showing signs of de-lamination.

Signs your floor tiles need to get fixed!

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 Barefoot Floors' Tile Injection System is the easiest and most effective solution to fix your loose, drummy tiles without having to rip up and replace your entire floor

Before- Tile Tenting


After tile injection to fix tenting tiles


How do we fix the problem?

Barefoot Floors' tile injection technology does not require you to rip up your tiles at all! A simple 'injection' using our exclusive tile restoration adhesive and your tiles will be re-bonded to the substrate, ready to walk on in just hours.

Barefoot Floors' expert team of tile injection specialists can assess your floor for damaged or 'de-laminated' tiles. These may not always be obvious to the untrained eye. If left untreated, these tiles will slowly but surely continue to come loose across your floor, causing more tenting, and more tiles to become hollow.


If left further still, these tiles can 'Explode' from the floor, due to a build up of pressure under the tiles. This pressure is what causes tiles to lift and de-laminate in the first place.

Once Barefoot Floors has a clear map of your affected tiles, our injection specialists can set about treating each tile. A simple, no mess procedure, tiles can be treated within minutes! Once the adhesive dries, the tile will re-bond for good. 

This entire process can be complete with the need to rip up, cut, smash or replace any tiles in your floor area. You can even stay in your house while the procedure is completed!

This solution will not only save you time, and money, but will also provide you with peace of mind that your floor will no longer have issues with delaminated, loose tiles.​

How does the process work?

This video shows the under tile adhesive making it's way underneath a drummy tile- the adhesive is pumped under at low pressure to re-bond the tile to the substrate.

What Our Customers Say

Julie Hughson

Thankyou so very much for the work done at our place. After having tilers at our place for a number of weeks laying tiles outside the dust noise and mess had been driving us crazy. It was so nice to have our internal drummy tiles fixed with the minimum of fuss. We were thinking that we would be having to replace up to 3-400sq mt of internal tiling as we couldn’t match our tiles and so we were amazed and very happy to have them all re-glued/sealed to the floor without any of the dusty mess, noise and stress. Would highly recommend this to anyone with drummy or lifting tiles, as this was huge money saving, stress free and mess free process. We didn’t have to move all the furniture and we didn’t even have to leave the house. 17 square metres of internal and external tiles repaired in the day.

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