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Tented tiles

1. Tented Tiles due to pressure buildup

Tiles removed

2. Tiles lifted individually ready to replace and inject.

After replacing tented tiles

3. The finished product-good as new!

Tenting tiles

Tenting Tiles

Pressure Buildup under floor tiles

Pressure Buildup

Peaking Tiles

Peaking Tiles

Cracked and Crumbly Grout

Cracked or Crumbly Grout

Exploding floor tiles

Exploding Tiles

Tile De-Lamination

Tile De-lamination (hollow tiles)


Cracked Tiles

Cracked Tiles


Tented Tiles

Tented Tiles

Hollow Tiles- Lack of Adhesion

Hollow Sounding Tiles- Adhesive issues

Buckled Tiles

Buckled Tiles

Cracked Grout

Cracked Grout

Cracked Tiles

Cracked Tiles


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Barefoot Floors is a company run by Lynn & Steve Rathbone, who live in Bundaberg QLD.


Barefoot Floors services and operates in many locations, including the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Wide Bay and Rockhampton.

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Insurance # 104A562644BPK   

Licence Details : Barefoot Floors Pty Ltd  Licence # 1211536

Master Builders’ QLD Membership no: 74726

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