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Frequently asked questions

The Process

How long does tile injection take?

Our expert tile injection applicators can cover approx. 20sqm per day, using our quick and easy injection system. Most of our customers have their tiles restored within the same day. Once injected, the adhesive sets very quickly, meaning you can walk on your tiles within 2-4 hours of being injected.

How long will it take before I can walk on my tiles again?

Our system is fast drying and non-invasive, meaning you can walk on your tiles again within 2-4 hours of being injected. No need to leave your home or cover furniture.

Will I need to leave my house?

You do not need to leave your home whilst we are injecting your tiles. The entire process is non-invasive.

How do you restore my tiles without ripping them up?

All injection is done through the grout lines in-between your tiles. The injection adhesive finds its way under your tile from a small hole in the grout line- once set, the adhesive re-bonds the tile to the substrate, all without having to lift any tiles.

What about cracked or chipped tiles?

Our tile injection applicators can lift & replace tiles for you to help hide any unsightly cracks or chips. We require the customer to source and supply replacement tiles, however if none are available we can help you source these. At a stretch, if no other tiles are available, we can find a tile from somewhere in your house that is not visible, and use that tile in the area that IS visible.

Will tile injection make a mess?

Unlike ripping up and replacing tiles, tile injection is mess & waste free. Our system involves injecting through small holes in the grout line, meaning we do not need to lift or move tiles in the process of restoring your tiles. This saves on waste, mess, dust and noise, meaning a much smoother, hassle free experience for our customers!

How long does tile injection last?

In 10 years of doing business, Barefoot Floors have never had to 're-inject' a tile. Once they are injected, they stay stuck! All of our repairs come with a 7 year guarantee, but we are confident that once your tiles are injected, they won't become drummy ever again!

How do I know it will work?

We have been fixing the problem of drummy, tenting and loose tiles for our customers for over 9 years now. In that time, no tile we've injected has EVER come loose again! Our approach to restoring your tiles is not to treat the symptom of the problem (loose, drummy tiles) but to treat the problem itself. Our expert applicators inject the affected tiles, and then install expansion lines to prevent further damage. The expansion lines give the tiled area room to move, meaning that they can withstand the pressures of time, building movement, foot traffic and changes in the structure of the floor. These are the common reason for tiles becoming delaminated or 'popping' off the floor. When they have room to move, they are free of the pressure that causes the issue in the first place. Our injection system treats the tiles that are already elaminated, and the expansion lines help us protect against the issue appearing again.


What happens if my tiles become drummy again after treatment?

Our warranty covers all tiles injected as per the initial quote. If any of your tiles become loose or drummy after being injected, we will fix those tiles in question free of charge. NOTE: Any tiles NOT injected are not covered. Our expert applicators will ensure that upon the initial inspection that all de-laminated tiles are identified and included in the initial quote. If tiles are left untreated after the initial inspection, the issue CAN spread, so we recommend treating drummy tiles early to avoid the issue growing! Please see our full warranty conditions HERE.

What is NOT covered under the warranty?

Our warranty does not cover expansion lines, lifted & replaced tiles, grout repair or any work outside of the injection of the de-laminated tiles. All tiles injected by Barefoot Floors are covered under the 7 year warranty. We will provide a floor plan or job photos upon payment to show which tiles have and have not been injected. Our warranty also does not cover the injection of shower bases or shower tiles to stop water leakages. In some cases we will attempt to inject shower tiles to prevent leakages, and often this method works however it is not covered under warranty.

Quoting & Pricing

Is tile injection expensive?

Tile Injection can save you hundreds or even thousands on ripping up and replacing your existing tiles. Often, when a handful of tiles are affected, it can mean many more are in waiting to come loose or become hollow underneath. The cost of hiring a tiler to rip up the floor and re-tile can be huge! Not to mention the mess of having your tiles torn off and all the residual glue sanded off.

Because tile injection does not require tiles to be removed, all it takes is a quick, mess-free 'injection' process and your tiles will be re-bonded and good as new! Our rates are competitive, and all quotes include a detailed breakdown of all work required, so you get no nasty surprises!

What is the process of receiving a quote?

Once we receive your enquiry, we will send one of our expert tile injection applicatorsto your home to inspect the area. We will then provide you with a fully itemised quote for the work required to repair your floor tiles. This quote will be delivered via email and can be accepted online. Our quotes include the cost of injection, as well as the installation of expansion lines to prevent further damage, and any 'lift & replace' work we need to do to remove/replace cracked or chipped tiles. Please note that all quotes are valid at the time of inspection, and that if left untreated, the issue may spread. If a quote is sent in January, but not accepted until April, the affected area may be larger and this may affect the total cost.

Can you do quotes over the phone?

Yes, we can- please see this article on how to check for drummy tiles yourself. We can offer an estimate over the phone for you, but please remember that until we inspect the property in person, we cannot guarantee a final price. Our quotes include the cost of injection, as well as the installation of expansion lines to prevent further damage, and any 'lift & replace' work we need to do to remove/replace cracked or chipped tiles.


Which areas does Barefoot Floors service?

Brisbane Bundaberg Mackay Rockhampton Sunshine Coast Gold Coast Gladstone Hervey Bay


You've injected my tiles but I can still hear a few tiles that sound drummy in places- are these going to cause more issues?

Most likely, no. There are a few reasons why you may still hear some drumminess after a tile has been injected. 1. Air Bubbles. When tiles are laid, often it is the case that a tile may need to be lifted and re-laid whilst the tiling is taking place (eg. when a tile isn't sitting correctly when first laid, it may be lifted up and re-positioned). When this happens, it can trap little air bubbles under the tile. Usually these are small areas, not the whole tile. These air bubbles can sound drummy when tapped. However, unless the rest of the tile is de-laminated, we cannot inject these air bubbles without going THROUGH the tile. These air bubbles do not grow or affect the tile at all, and are nothing to worry about. 2. Improper Grouting If for some reason when the tiles were grouted, the tiler did not pack in enough grout or skimmed over a section instead of forcing the grout deep into the grout lines, it can create a small hollow channel underneath and along the grout lines. This may sound drummy when tapped, but unfortunately cannot be injected- we've tried! The area is a narrow, shallow channel and unless the tile itself is also de-laminated, anything we try to inject will just come flying back out the drill-hole at us! 3. Carpeted Areas and Balconies. As a general rule, Barefoot Floors will not fill tiles that come up to carpeted areas or balconies all the way to the edge. The reason for this is that we pump our adhesive under the tiles at pressure, and if we come to close to the edge we run the risk of getting adhesive in your carpet or having it run off the balcony. These tiles will be filled to 60-70% capacity, and will be perfectly sound once injected. The small area left un-injected is not going to worsen over time or cause any issues to the tiles around it, as the majority of the tile is completely re-bonded to the substrate. When you SHOULD call us: If you have tiles that are completely hollow across the entire width and breadth of the tile, it may have been a tile we missed whilst injecting. We will make sure to point out any tiles that could not be injected during the process on the day, and you should always refer to your floor plan/job photos to see if the hollow tile was part of the area injected under warranty. Sometimes tiles can let go in other areas of the house separate to the area we have injected.

I have cracked tiles but no replacements, what can I do?

If you have no replacement tiles, we can still inject the cracked tile (so long as it is drummy). This will bind up the crack and ensure it does not get any worse nor pose any risk to bare feet! We will not be able to get rid of the crack itself, but the tile will be 100% solid and safe. Alternatively, if there are drummy tiles in an area of the house that is not visible (under the fridge, inside a cupboard etc), we can remove that tile and swap it with the cracked tile, so that the cracked tile is now in a place that is not visible.

Additional Info

Payments Accepted

Barefoot Floors accept payment by the following methods:

- Bank Transfer

-Credit Card (we do not charge any additional fees to pay with credit card)


Satisfaction Guarantee

Barefoot Floors are a 'customer first' business. We understand what it can be like to face the cost and headache of unexpected repairs. 

We promise to communicate clearly with you throughout the process and help you understand the root cause of the issue, as well as what we do to fix the problem. 

We promise to be transparent with our processes from quoting to the injection itself, to leave you at ease knowing the issue will be solved with a minimum of fuss. If we cannot fix the problem, we will explain why and suggest other viable solutions.

All of our injection work comes backed with a 7 year guarantee, meaning we will rectify any tiles that have previously been injected, free of charge.