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Loose and Drummy Tiles - Building & Pest Inspection

Buying or selling a house? Often a common defect that shows up in building & pest inspections is drummy tiles- Barefoot Floors has the solution!

How to rectify drummy tiles when buying or selling a house

When selling a property, it can be frustrating to have a building & pest inspection identify drummy tiles in your home. An unexpected cost that can worsen over time if not treated ASAP.

How do you test for Drummy Tiles?

When a building inspection occurs, the inspector will test for 'voids' underneath the tile which indicate areas that the tile is not 100% stuck to the floor. Typically this will be done using a non-marking tapping stick (we like to use a golf ball on a stick). The areas where the tiles are stuck will sound solid, and the tiles that are drummy will sound hollow.

So what are the options if drummy tiles are found?​

When drummy tiles are found, often you will hear that your only option is to rip up those tiles and re-lay new tiles in their place. This is not the case. Where de-laminated (drummy) tiles exist, Barefoot Floors' tile injection system can re-glue your tiles without the need to rip up or replace. Here is a comparison of both options

With tile injection, the process is simple. We drill a small hole in the grout lines between the tiles and inject a special adhesive under the tile, which seeks out the void under the tile and fills it. Once this adhesive sets, within 2-3 hours, the tile will be rock solid and re-bonded to the floor. When tapped with the same tapping stick, even immediately after injection, you will hear the difference (see the video above).

This video clearly shows the difference before & after between drummy floor tiles and tiles injected using our tile injection system.

Is Tile Injection expensive?​

The benefit of tile injection is that we can spot fix JUST the tiles that are de-laminated, without the need to rip up and replace the whole floor area just evcause of a few drummy tiles. It can be near impossible to find matching tiles for many homes, so being able to restore your tiles using injection can mean less headaches and less cost. Add to that the fact that tile injection takes hours, not days, and you do NOT need to leave your home at all whilst repairs are taking place. The whole process is dust, waste and noise free. .

When choosing between tile injection vs ripping up & replacing- it's good to know what you avoid by choosing injection!

Will it last or will I need to do it all again down the track?

Our tile injection system comes backed with a 7 year guarantee. We have been restoring people's tiles for over 11 years now and weve never had a single tile come loose after being injected. The adhesive we use is flexible and strong, made to last. 

Barefoot Floors will also install expansion lines in the surrounding area to help prevent other areas of your home from de-laminating and going drummy. Drummy tiles are mostly caused by buildup of pressure under the tiles, so by installing expansion lines we release that pressure and thus reduce the risk of finding more drummy tiles throughout your house.

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Why Choose Tile Injection?
No mess, excess dust or wastage
Ready to walk on in 2-4 hours
7 year guarantee
No need to leave your home

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