How to Fix Drummy Tiles

How Barefoot Floors can fix your drummy floor tiles in one easy step

How can I fix drummy floor tiles?

What causes a tile to sound 'drummy'?

A drummy tile can occur for a number of reasons:

There are two options when you come across drummy tiles in your home.


1.You can rip them all up and replace the tiles, or;


2. You can use tile injection to restore the tiles without the need for removal.  More on both options here.

It is important to understand WHY this is happening, what your options are and HOW to fix the problem. 

This video clearly shows the difference before & after between drummy floor tiles and tiles injected using our tile injection system.

Weather- Changes in temperature, humidity or moisture can cause tiles to shift and the substrate to expand or shrink.

Weather causes tiles to become
Adhesion issues cause drummy tiles

Adhesion Issues- If the adhesive used to glue the original tiles down was incorrectly applied, or faulty, it can cause issues down the track. The same goes for incorrect or non-existent installation of expansion lines or an unclean or un-primed slab.

Substrate shifts cause drummy tiles.png

Shifts in the foundation- Sometimes, the foundation of your house moves-this can be due to seismic movements, age or movements in the ground beneath your home. This places your tiles under extreme pressure.

Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 11.25.39 AM.png

Wear & Tear- Often in high traffic areas of your home, drummy tiles and cracked tiles can be more prevalent, due to the wear & tear of foot traffic over time.


You can see under this tile where the de-lamination has occurred. The adhesive has stuck to the tile but not the substrate!

When a tile is under pressure and has nowhere to move, the tile and/or glue releases from the substrate, causing the tile to sound 'hollow'. The hollow sound is the void between tile and substrate.

When a tile finds itself under undue pressure from any of the above factors, it can come loose from the substrate completely.  This in turn creates more pressure on the tiles around it, which can mean MORE de-laminated tiles if left untreated.

So how can I fix my drummy tiles without having to re-tile?

Barefoot Floors offer a unique system of tile 'injection' in which we can restore each de-laminated tile using a quick, easy injection through your grout lines, through which we pump a fine, water-borne adhesive that finds all voids and areas of de-lamination under your tiles. Once it finds the voids, it bonds fast between tile and substrate, leaving your tile rock solid. This can be repeated for all de-laminated tiles, each only taking a matter of minutes to treat. The whole process is noise free, dust free and non-invasive, meaning you can stay in your home whilst the repairs take place.

Drummy tile with de-lamination

What is the final result?

Usually tile delamination is not an isolated incident- the pressure and conditions that cause delamination do not JUST affect one area the damage WILL spread if left untreated.

Once the tiles are injected, the adhesive forms a strong yet flexible bond between the tile and the substrate once again. You will hear the difference in the sound of the tile pre-injection (hollow) and pist-injection (solid). 

This video shows the before and after of tiles that are drummy, once injected using the Barefoot Floors tile injection system.

So what happens after my tiles have been injected?

Once your tiles have been injected, the standard 'set time' is approx 2-4 hours. Once set, you can walk on your tiles again as normal- we can be in and out and have your entire floor repaired within the same day. We will also install expansion lines throughout your floor to help prevent further de-lamination in other areas of the floor.  We cannot promise that other areas of your house will not let go that have not been injected, so it always important to keep an eye out for symptoms of de-lamination throughout your house so that we can rectify any new de-lamination before it spreads.

All of our tile injection work is covered by a 7 year guarantee, meaning you can rest easy knowing your floor tiles are stuck solid. 

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Why Choose Tile Injection?
No mess, excess dust or wastage
Ready to walk on in 2-4 hours
7 year guarantee
No need to leave your home

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