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Barefoot Floors tile injection system helps resolve a range of common issues with minimal fuss

Worried about the mess, hassle, cost & disruption caused by replacing & relaying your floor tiles?

People all over Australia have often run into the issue of loose, hollow or lifting tiles throughout their homes. 

Up until recently, the solution was never clear. The only option was to rip up your tiles, at great cost and hassle, and start again. New tiles, new glue, new grout, the LOT!

Luckily, Barefoot Floors have developed a unique solution to this common problem. 

Do your tiles go 'thunk' in the night? Do they sound hollow when stepped on?​

Are your tiles 'buckling' under pressure? Tenting tile cause a hazard to your household.​

If your grout is coming loose or starting to crumble, that is a sure sign of de-lamination.

Too much pressure can cause your tiles to crack or become loose, causing unsightly damage.