Do you have loose, drummy or tenting tiles?


We can fix that!

Tile Injection is the hassle free alternative to ripping up and re-laying your loose, drummy or tenting tiles.

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Drummy Floor Tiles
Loose Floor Tiles from de-lamination
Teting Floor Tiles
Fix Loose and cracked Grout
Why Choose Tile Injection to fix your tiles?
No mess, excess dust or wastage
Ready to walk on in 2-4 hours
7 year guarantee
No need to leave your home

When when you have floor tiles that are tenting or sound hollow or drummy, usually you have one option.

Usually you have to rip up  your tiles and re-tile, at great expense! Barefoot Floors solves that problem using a hassle free, cost effective solution called tile injection

Rather than taking a week to re-tile (with mess everywhere and great disruption to your daily life), we can have the tiles fixed in hours without any of the headache.

In fact, we’ve never had to re-inject a tile in 9 years in business.

What is Tile Injection?
Why is this happening?

Tile delamination is caused by a number of factors- usually the symptoms occur through no fault of your own. 

This can be a frustrating and unexpected expense! 

Barefoot Floors are dedicated to helping you find the MOST effective solution to your problem, in the most convenient and hassle free way.

We promise to fix your tiles without mess or the need to remove your furniture from your house, so you can get your tiles back to their former glory as quickly as possible.


Want proof? Hear from our happy customers

Julie Hughson

Thankyou so very much for the work done at our place. After having tilers at our place for a number of weeks laying tiles outside the dust noise and mess had been driving us crazy. It was so nice to have our internal drummy tiles fixed with the minimum of fuss. We were thinking that we would be having to replace up to 3-400sq mt of internal tiling as we couldn’t match our tiles and so we were amazed and very happy to have them all re-glued/sealed to the floor without any of the dusty mess, noise and stress. Would highly recommend this to anyone with drummy or lifting tiles, as this was huge money saving, stress free and mess free process. We didn’t have to move all the furniture and we didn’t even have to leave the house. 17 square metres of internal and external tiles repaired in the day.

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