How to Test for Drummy Tiles

Tile de-lamination can often spread if left untreated- diagnosing early is key. Here's how.

Got loose, tenting or drummy tiles? The first step is to help us diagnose the extent of the damage.

NEED HELP? Follow these quick tips to help more accurately diagnose the problem before we come out to inspect your property.

Barefoot Floors will still give your property a full inspection to fully identify which tiles require injection, as well as where expansion lines can be installed to help prevent further delamination in other areas.

Barefoot Floors will provide you with a full written quote, which you can accept online.

In some cases, for smaller areas, Barefoot Floors may be able to provide a quote over the phone. Please note that phone quotes are not final and may change once inspected by a Barefoot Floors applicator- all work will be approved and signed off by you before we commence injection, so you get no nasty surprises!


Step 1: Diagnosis

Grab a golf ball (if you can find one) and bounce the ball on each of your tiles. You will be able to hear the difference between a sound tile and a de-laminated tile.

If you don't have a golf ball, you can test by tapping the plastic end of a screwdriver on the tile and listening for the sound each makes. A golf ball we find makes for better distinction, but either is fine!

Watch the video to the right to see how we check for drummy tiles

Testing for drummy tiles- before and after

Step 2: Counting

Count the number of tiles that sound hollow or somewhat hollow. Make a note of which areas of the house/area are hollow- as this will help identify where there may be a risk of spreading.

The video to your left is a great example of the differences between drummy (de-laminated) tiles and tiles that are still solid.

Step 3: Checking for Expansion Lines

Check your floor area- are there any grout lines that appear larger or wider than the rest?

An expansion lines is typically filled with silicones rather than grout, but can also be a metal strip through your tiles. Typically expansion lines should be located between rooms and across large uninterrupted areas.

If you cannot find any expansion lines, let us know, as our applicators can install these for you, which helps take the pressure off your floor and lower the risk of other areas of the floor letting go.

An expansion line in floor tiles

Why Choose Tile Injection?
No mess, excess dust or wastage
Ready to walk on in 2-4 hours
7 year guarantee
No need to leave your home

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